A Passion for Good Wines

The family owned winery Brand in the Palatinate has been producing wines with an individual personality for five generations since 1891. In 2014 we took over the winery from our father Jürgen. We consistently focus on an ecological cultivation of the vineyards, “Working in nature and with nature” – this is our conviction.

Daniel & Jonas Brand

Our Promise


The wines of our „Schwurhand“ range (logo of a hand taking an oath) grow on the best vineyards of the winery. They are individual, exciting and expressive wines full of character. The logo represents two things: you can find the hand taking an oath on the keystone of St. Martin’s Church in our village of Bockenheim and therefore it represents our emotional relationship to our region. On the other hand, the hand is a symbol for quality in the bottle and our close connection to nature.

Enjoy our organically grown Wines


We entirely refuse to use mineral fertilizers or pesticides. Instead we use the power of nature:  plant-based remedies such as herbal extracts or teas strengthen our vines. More biodiversity helps to keep the vineyards vital and the soils healthy. Therefore we plant clover and wild herbs on our cultivated areas to attract more bees and other beneficial insects.

Together with the ideal climatic conditions, healthy and juicy grapes can grow in a natural balance and good wine can be produced in truly organic quality.

Weingut Brand - A Passion for good Wines


Top Conditions for Organic Viticulture


On the best vineyards of our estate, grapes of the highest quality can grow – due to the climatic conditions at the edge of our low mountain range Haardt: a sunny autumn with mild temperatures allows our grapes to ripen slowly and gently over a long period. This process is responsible for the full and pronounced aromas in your wine glass. Moreover, there is very little rain. And even after a rain shower, the cool westerly wind dries the leaves and grapes very rapidly. It therefore creates unfavourable conditions for funguses and other plant diseases and optimal conditions for organic viticulture.


Different Soils for more Variety in your Wine Glass


Another important factor is the soil: as a result of different rock layers and a variety of soils, the yields are naturally moderate and the wines gain aromatic complexity. Some vines prefer heavy clay soils whereas others prefer loamy loess soils alternating with shell limestone.

Between the vines, you can find the habitat of many native flora and fauna – a lively vineyard for a natural taste.


Soils for more variety


Grapes in their pure form

In 2015, we officially converted our winery to organic cultivation. However, the careful use of natural resources has been important to our father Jürgen for decades. In 1994, we therefore joined the advisory council “Kontrolliert Umweltschonender Weinbau” (certified environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture) and have been promoting natural and sustainable agriculture since.

Giving Room to Nature

The conversion to organic wine is now another important step. It takes three years before you are allowed to use the official Bio label “Bioland”. Working in harmony with nature is the most important aspect for us. By planting herbs between our vineyards we offer a variety of food to bees and bumblebees. Furthermore, we deliberately create natural niches to support biodiversity.

Thinking organically, Acting organically

By strengthening our vineyards with tonics based on herbs and teas, we make sure our vineyards stay healthy and our soils stay absorptive. Our respect for nature does not cease when we leave our vineyards:  Both of us have opted for a consistently organic nutrition for years (see more here).

When processing the grapes, we refuse to use any kind of animal by-product.

Respect for Nature


Daniel (born in 1990) and Jonas (born in 1994) Brand took over the winery from their father Jürgen as the fifth generation. A lot has changed, but the passion for wines with an individual character from the Palatinate remains. A short interview:


Daniel, Jonas, how did you get the idea to take over the family estate together and produce your own wines?

Daniel: It was always clear to us. Even when we were children, we were very involved in the estate. We have always found the work in and with nature inspiring. However, we have also learned that it is demanding and that you have to invest a lot of time and energy. But at the end, you have your real own product in your hands – a great feeling.

Jonas: Furthermore, we have a lot of variety in our job: The work in the vineyards and on the grapes, in the cellar, in the office, in sales and marketing, in logistics. There are so many aspects, you are never bored.

Do you sometimes make progress by dispute or do you always agree?

Jonas: Neither nor actually. For sure, we do not always agree, but then we discuss the case and try to convince each other of our respective point of view. In the end, we always find a good compromise  we both truly believe in.

Why do you attach so much importance to organic agriculture and „bio“?

Daniel: It’s a philosophy of life. In the past, I observed a lot my body and the effects different additives or pesticides had on me. Avoiding such substances tangibly helped me to feel better. In addition, it is important for us to maintain the soils for future generations as they are the basis of life for every winegrower.

Jonas: As soon as you can see how a completely natural balance is created, how the grapes can develop power and character in the vineyards, then you have found the right way of handling nature correctly and sustainably. That’s how, according to our philosophy, the best wines are created.


There are so many aspects, you are never bored.



2013er Cuvée Flora


2013er Spätburgunder Sonnenberg trocken


2014er Weißburgunder trocken


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